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Adult Education

The Adult Education Program is specifically designed for adults who have different needs, backgrounds, and skills. For that reason, a flexible program has been created which meets their needs.

Lanier Technical College is ready to assist individuals to reach their dreams and capture their future.

Each of the seven counties that serve Lanier Technical College have locations to assist adult learners in obtaining skills which make students more successful and confident in the workplace and in society.

GED® and English Literacy classes taught at Lanier Technical College are free of charge.

GED® instruction includes beginning reading, writing, and math all the way to high school completion through the General Education Development (GED®) Program.

The following GED® services are offered at no cost: English Literacy classes for non-English speakers are also a part of the curriculum. Besides the above GED® services, additional support is offered for English Literacy classes at no cost: By taking the step to continue studying at Lanier Technical College, you can: Lanier Technical College stands ready to serve students to reach their dreams and capture their future.

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